Draw Nearer

I saw an article the other day where the author discussed how losing their child turned them away from the Lord. I will not post the article out of respect for their privacy;however, the article grieved me deeply, not just for their loss, but because they believed the enemy’s lies.

They allowed the enemy to get into their head and turn them away from our Lord God. Was I angry when I lost Troy? Yes, yes I was very angry and I asked questions that were never answered. However; I had no one other than my husband to lean on. I took comfort in the knowledge that my son experienced no worldly pain and that he was safe in Heaven. I took comfort in the fact that God too lost a son.

I didn’t distance myself from Him, I came nearer. So, I urge you to draw in closer to our Lord God. Draw from His strength, for He told us that He would make us perfect in our weakness.

Whatever is troubling you, pray to our savior and ask for help. It may not happen overnight, it may not happen in a couple of months, but you will have peace if you draw in near. 

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I'm 26 years old married to a wonderful man. Together we have a son named Troy that was born stillborn at 26 weeks. I created this blog to reach out to others that have gone through some type of loss or problem in their life and are wanting someone to vent to. No matter what challenges you may face in life, The Lord will never give you anything that you cannot handle. It is up to you to get up each day and want to make a change.

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