The Enemy Is Not Against Using Family To Stop You

I have noticed a recurring tactic that the enemy has been employing. He has been attempting to stop me from tithing or sowing a seed by using self-doubt from my family. Late August, a couple days before my car accident, I was reflecting on how I have two infant car seats, but we only use one. It was a random thought that was not prompted by anything. The next morning, I got on Facebook and saw a post from an old coworker. They were asking if anyone had a free car seat, and that the person they were inquiring for was scheduled to be induced in a couple of days. Instantly, I knew that God wanted me to sow this seed, so I got in contact with the lady, and offered to bring the car seat up to the hospital.

On my way to take the car seat to her, my mom called to ask how work was. I explained to my mom how God led me to this lady in need, and instead of being happy that I was blessing another, my mother got very angry with me. My mother ranted about how she wouldn’t have a car seat now to pick up Silas and that she needed it, not this lady who was obviously in a financial situation. As I’m listening to her yell at me, I couldn’t help but think that it was the enemy trying to stop me from blessing someone. Instead of yelling back or hanging up, I calmly explained to my mother that she could use the car seat I was keeping. I also explained that Silas would be needing a convertible car seat sometime soon, so she would still have to use the car seat I had. And, I explained that if God is leading me sow a seed then I am going to do it.

Today, the devil tried once more to use family to stop me from doing God’s work. While on break, I decided to call my mother to check up on her and learned that she was on her way to church. During the conversation, she made jabs about her old church home, which prompted me to state how I didn’t mind churches having atm machines. I can’t help it, I like convenience, and having a one stop appeals to me. Because I’m in the process of finding a church home, I listen to podcasts and float around. She asked me then how do I pay my tithes. I responded that, I pay into the podcasts that I listen to, (Joyce Meyer, T.D Jakes, and Elevation church). And, whatever that is left over from the overall 10% , I give to church that I am listening to. She then informed that my way of tithing was wrong, and that I should only give to my church home.

If you are getting a message from a platform, you should support it in some kind of way. That is just my thinking. But, what her response told me is that she isn’t tithing. She isn’t tithing because she believes that you should only give it to your church home. The church home that she refuses to go back to. She told me not to go broke paying tithes and that God doesn’t want you to go broke doing such. You see, the enemy tried a different approach this time. The devil tried having my mom speak softly and tried having her appeal to the ‘logical’ side. Here’s the thing, when God said give me 10%, He did not stutter.

Because of some emergencies that have occurred this past month, I haven’t been as financially plentiful; however I still paid my tithes. I didn’t look at my back account and tell God that I didn’t have it. No, I paid what was owed to Him, and if you read my previous post, then you know that God blessed me. He gave me back more than what I gave Him.

This week, pay attention to how the enemy will use your family or friends to deter you.

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I'm 26 years old married to a wonderful man. Together we have a son named Troy that was born stillborn at 26 weeks. I created this blog to reach out to others that have gone through some type of loss or problem in their life and are wanting someone to vent to. No matter what challenges you may face in life, The Lord will never give you anything that you cannot handle. It is up to you to get up each day and want to make a change.

2 thoughts on “The Enemy Is Not Against Using Family To Stop You”

  1. Keep being faithful in sowing. Your harvest is here! If we don’t learn to give when we have little, it will be more difficult to give cheerfully and without hidden agenda when we have plenty. Stay blessed!


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