Thankful Thursday

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It’s Thursday, guys! which means today we should all stop and reflect on all of the blessings that have happened so far. Today, I am thankful for the unexpected increase in my bank account. I only had enough money to put gas in my car, which I very grateful for that as well, but I was pleasantly surprised when I got an alert that somehow there was more money than what I should have had. I am thankful that I actually got some rest last night. Silas for the past few nights has been wanting to party until 10 pm, and then refuses to unlatch from me. Last night, he only wanted to be fed once, so I got some uninterrupted sleep. My husband also put away the dishes, and he took the dogs out so that I could just rest when I got off of work. Most importantly, all of my needs have been met. My family has lacked for nothing, and even with my bank account being on the lower end, I still was able to put gas in my tank for work, my bills are paid, and I have food.

So, what I am thankful for may seem trivial to some, but my point is, that you should make a record of the small wins. Stop focusing on all the negatives aspects in your life, and look at the smaller things that made your day.

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