Positive Employers Should Be The Norm

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I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, when I came across an article about how this man’s mortgage was preventing him from retiring. In the headline, the article stated how the elderly man’s employer actually paid off the man’s mortgage, so that he could enjoy retirement. The article had a lot of likes and reshares.

I’ll admit, I didn’t click on the article and read it through. My first thought was how wonderful that employer was for lifting his employees financial burden. My second thought was, how awful it is that stories like these aren’t the norm.

Now, I’m not saying that employers are responsible for their employees’ financial choices. What makes me sad is that we have gotten into this cycle of being replaceable. So many employers aren’t keeping employees to retirement anymore because it’s much cheaper to higher someone younger, than to reward loyalty.

Employee retention rates would probably be higher if employers made them feel valued. After a certain point, money doesn’t keep employees happy and engaged. Security, feeling appreciated, and work life balance is what attracts company loyalty.

I would like to imagine that sometime down the line, stories about wonderful employers will be the norm.