Sorry, I’ve Been MIA

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to send out a quick update. I have not forgotten about The Armor of God bible study. I know I was supposed to summarize each week my take aways and how I’m implementing the skills and strategies in my everyday life.

As you all know, I was pretty knee deep into the home buying process, and my family and I actually closed and moved in back in December! Moving right before Christmas was so hectic, but luckily for us, the weather was actually pretty decent for winter. I admittedly got caught up with the closing process and just trying to get settled in our new home. I still have boxes that we need to unpack. During our move though, Silas and I both got sick. First Silas had a little bit of a cold, but it wasn’t too bad, so I thought we were going to make it out of his first cold easy.

I was wrong.

I then got sick from Silas. I kept running fevers, and actually ended up with an ear infection. It was so bad that I didn’t get to spend Christmas with my in laws. My sister in law is pregnant, and it wouldn’t have been a great idea to be around her when I was so sick. At one point I couldn’t even make it out of bed without help.

Remember when I said I was wrong about Silas’s first cold being easy? Well, he got sick again. Probably from me. It got so bad that I ended up making him an appointment. He wouldn’t stop crying because he was running fevers, and he wasn’t eating because he was crying so much. He ended up getting an ear infection and the flu.

I’m happy to report that we are both fine, and luckily Ben didn’t get sick. So, I will be back to updating at least once a week. Sorry I went so long without talking to you guys.

Also, don’t forget to check out my new podcast, Parenting after loss, on apple podcasts and spotify. I’m looking to get it on google play soon.

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I'm 26 years old married to a wonderful man. Together we have a son named Troy that was born stillborn at 26 weeks. I created this blog to reach out to others that have gone through some type of loss or problem in their life and are wanting someone to vent to. No matter what challenges you may face in life, The Lord will never give you anything that you cannot handle. It is up to you to get up each day and want to make a change.

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