What is Your Why


What makes you get up each and every morning? Are you intentional during your waking hours or are you just on autopilot?

For years, I was on autopilot, only thinking about the hours that I needed to clock in to pay the bills. My why was to make more money to cover the bills and because I put money on a pedestal. It was so bad, that I actually made a spreadsheet to calculate how much money I would be bringing home after working x amount of hours and after x amount of taxes were taken out.

It wasn’t until I lost my firstborn that I realized I needed to reevaluate what my why was. My mindset had to shift and I had to put God first. When you start seeking God, everything else will fall into place. When you start trusting God and going to Him with your cares, you stop running on autopilot. Your days will be intentional.

My why today is to serve God and do His works. So each day, I am intentional about bringing others-specifically parents that have lost a child, closer to God. And the best part of this, is that when you stop running on autopilot and you truly find your why, you will have so much peace.

3 comments on “What is Your Why”

      1. You’re right that putting God (capitalized; that was an oversight on my part) should come first in all our lives, the rest of our problems would work themselves out if we just followed this.


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