Children And Pets

Throughout my pregnancy, I had so many people tell me that I had to get rid of my pets because I was about to have a baby.

And yes – it is true- I don’t have as much time to devote to my pets as I used to, but that does not mean that they are not taken care of or being deprived attention.

I would like to dive in a little deeper as to why society thinks that you have to give up your fur babies because you are about to become a family of three.

  1. Ignorance. I don’t have any statics, but I’d wager that the average person isn’t taking their dog in for training or exercising them properly. So it is ignorance in that people believe that the dog will act out or attack the baby. I get it! These are valid concerns, but if a dog is trained, these situations can be prevented.
  2. They don’t view pets as members of the family. The trust is that not everyone views your four-legged or two-legged in the same regard as you do. For some, pets are accessories or assets that can be changed out at whim or given away when they become less appealing and more financially exhausting.
  3. It happened to them. Maybe they grew up in an environment where their parents didn’t work with the family pet and they were destructive or were always escaping. Somewhere down the line, there was some type of trauma, and animals to them are just another headache – which they can be, but so can our children.

The way I look at is that my pets are helping to shape my son into the great man that he will become. Animals are work, so our children can learn responsibility from having to take care of them. Boundaries are another huge skill that our children and some of us can learn from animals. Most pets do not attack just cause, there is usually some type of warning beforehand – everyone has something that makes them tick. From an early age, I am teaching my son to not pull or throw toys at just not us ( his parents) but also his pets. Commitment, dedication, and discipline are all traits that we look for in ourselves and in others.

What if I told you that your pet can help instill those traits.

It’s easy to just give your older dog to a shelter – out of sight out of mind- but it takes commitment and dedication to that dog to stick with them until the very end. This helps to show your child that you do not give up just because life is getting hard – there are obvious situations where you do need to throw in the towel, but that typically comes after you have exhausted all other options.

So my plea to you, is that you reconsider re-homing your pet because of the new addition in your life or future addition. Exhaust all of your options – training your dog will help you to have more patience, and hopefully your child will grow up and have so many examples of what responsibility, commitment, and dedication looks like.

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What A Start To The New Decade

We’ve officially made it halfway through the year, and I don’t know about you guys but it has been a looong year.

Between Covid and the Black lives matter movement – I am drained. Social media has helped to expose how people truly feel. It is admittedly easier to brush things off when it doesn’t affect you directly, but when you see the racism coming out from someone in your circle…

It’s been a rough beginning of the year.

I’m praying daily for not just healing in my household, but for the world entirely. I think that we are making strides in fighting racism, and I do think that one positive aspect of the internet is how quickly we can all come together.

As far as Covid goes, I ask that you all please be careful and keep the same energy you had when we first heard about this pandemic. The longer this drags out, the more people seem to not be taking it seriously. There also seems to be a misconception that some of our states are opening up because numbers are declining, this isn’t true.

So please, please be careful.

How has 2020 been treating you so far?

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Racism Is Killing Us

With everything going on in the world, I realize that I can no longer be silent about the racism that is and has been attacking my community for centuries.

Have we as a whole made some great leaps?


But recent events just highlights how far away we are from truly uniting as one – God’s children.

All it takes is one bad apple, one worm, to spoil the whole lot. Racism is a poison that coils around and infects everyone and everything around it. It does not have an incubation period, it doesn’t take breaks, it is always there ready to show its colors and infect those around it.

Today, I am praying for my community – as a whole black people are so divided. I’m praying for our allies – our friends. I’m praying for the state of this world. There is so much hate being exposed, and it grieves me when I think of the mothers, the fathers, siblings, grandparents that have lost someone. I’m grieving for those that have lost so much in the midst of all of this.

Today, I ask that you choose peace. I ask that you join me in praying for those that have hatred in their hearts. Let us pray to our Lord to open their hearts into receiving a new way of life.

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April Appreciation

Hey guys!

So, April is actually a pretty big month for my family. We celebrate my cousin’s birthday, Silas’s birthday, my birthday, and we even celebrated the dog’s birthday. Due to everything that has been going on, we weren’t able to have any celebration with family or friends. I have seen some reports where people are throwing huge parties- I ask that you don’t do this.

Despite not being able to physically celebrate with family, I’ve still been on this cloud of happiness because of how blessed I am. I know not everyone has been so lucky during this time- our church lost a wonderful lady due to the virus- so I’ve just spent this month being grateful that I was able to celebrate my son’s first birthday.

My heart goes out for everyone that has been impacted by these events. And this may be an unpopular opinion, but I’m gonna say it anyway, I don’t want things to return back to how they used to be. I think some of the extra steps that stores such as Aldi’s are doing to protect their employees and customers, should stay. I hope that society has a new appreciation for teachers and medical staffs.

I also hope that we don’t lose sight of what truly matters.

Learning To Walk

As I watch Silas take one step followed by another before falling down, I am filled with joy. Each milestone bring its own set of challenges and as parents we celebrate each one as it means that our child is healthy. Another emotion hit me as I watched him pick himself back up to try once more- understanding.

Do you realize how hard it is to get knocked down, pick yourself back up, and try again? It’s almost excruciating to dust yourself off after what feels like failure after failure. I’ll admit I don’t have any secret method or sauce to push past this, all I have is faith.

Faith that no matter what, if God placed it on my heart, then it will get done. Faith that whatever it is that I am going through, I will be able to push past by leaning on God. Faith that there is something waiting for me on the other side- something extraordinarily.

Babies have this natural faith that each step is propelling them forward. It doesn’t matter how many times they fall down, they get right back up with the same gusto as before. Somewhere in the midst of growing up and becoming more aware of the world around us, we lost that unwavering faith.

I know right now may seem like this weird juxtaposition but if there was ever a time to turn towards God and turn that faith meter all the way up, the time is now. Just put one foot in front of the other, it’s okay if you stumble, it’s okay if you fall down, just keep going, and trust in our Father.

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