Pray Before Bed

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray that any attacks that the enemy has planned, will be canceled. Let no harm fall on me, my family, my friends, my followers, my community, nor those that I do not know. I declare that all who seek You, will sleep peacefully. I declare that the enemy will not be able to infiltrate their/our mind, I declare that the enemy will see no victory tonight. I pray that those who are hurting, seek You, and cast their worries onto You. I pray that when they wake in the morning, that they will be refreshed, that they will worry not for You have them. I pray that while they are sleeping, that You are making moves behind the scenes. I declare that those searching for work, will have a breakthrough, I declare that those that are ill, will be healed, I declare that those who are financially crippled, will have an abundance. I pray that they will trust in You.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Promotion is not always the Solution

I have been reflecting these past few days about how straightforward my view of life has been. First, it was attend this college, so that I could become a veterinarian. Well, chemistry and I just could not make it work. So, I had to actually consider other career options.

Since I was no longer going to be able to be a vet, I changed my mind about wanting to have my own practice, to just getting a job and staying there.


Move up in the company, stay diligent, and so forth. Just one problem, company politics. I do not know how to play the game. I naively thought that if you were a hard worker, that you would naturally move up. I envisioned myself becoming a supervisor and maybe one day becoming a manager. I wanted to be someone that by paper, seemed very important.

Here’s the thing though. Is it worth it? Some will say the money would make it worthwhile. If money is all you care about, then you would be making an idol out of money, and the Lord told us to do no such things. Is the stress worth it? The isolation, the responsibilities, or the extra workload with no real downtime?

As a mother and as a wife, I no longer see a promotion as being the solution. Chasing a title or money does not equate to happiness, and sometime, the Lord wants us to stay in our current situation. He does not do this to harm us, but to show us something, to teach us. I have found that while the one late night that I work is kind of sucky, my current position works. When I am off of work, I am off of work. Moving towards a supervisor role or any other leadership role would cause me to never be completely off of work, and, for me that is unacceptable. Giving my all to a company that views me as replaceable, does not help my well-being, nor would it help the company in the long run.

If I were you, I would take some time to just sit in God’s presence, and ask Him what your next moves should be. Ask Him if a certain role is for you or if He wants you to hang tight in your current role a little while longer. I know for me, the Lord has called for me to make the transition from being an employee to being an entrepreneur. Pray on it, fast on it, and seek Him in all that you do.

Have a blessed day.


Morning Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,

I pray today for my followers, for my family, for my friends, and for those that I do not know, Lord. I pray that today is a day of healing, a day of rebirth, and a day of joy, Lord. I pray that those who have been told that they have terminal illness, that they are healed. I pray that Your children continue to seek You, that they know You are the living God. I pray for their souls Lord. There is a lot of noise going on in the world, and I pray that they ask for the gift of discernment,Lord. Lord, I declare that no weapon formed against us will prosper, I declare that any attacks that the enemy has planned, that they will fail. I am covering my community in Your armor, Lord.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Today I felt moved to pray for everyone as I was going through my morning prayers. If this is something that you would like to see more of, just let me know.

Loss and Rainbows

Before losing my son, I always thought of rainbows as a beautiful event after a storm. I thought they were pretty to look at, and as a child, I thought that there was treasure found at the end.

In the loss community, rainbows take on a more significant meaning than just colors on a spectrum. A child born after loss is considered a rainbow. After going through the storm of miscarriage, stillbirth, or death, a rainbow appears to signal a change.

In the Bible, Genesis 9:14 states, “ When I bring clouds over the earth and the bow is seen in the clouds. I will remember my covenant that is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh.”

When I decided to fully turn myself to Christ and worship him despite my loss, the Lord saw fit to bless me. He blessed me with a child that we consider a rainbow. He made a convenant with me the day that I truly sought him out.

Some of you are still going through a storm, but I urge you to seek Him. As long as you keep His commandments and praise Him, He will bless you. I can not tell you when or how, but know this, there is a rainbow after every storm.

Shaving Siberian Huskies

Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to have a Siberian Husky, so I made sure that I researched extensively. I knew that they were escape artists and that they were so smart. I knew that they were beautiful dogs that came in a variety of colors, and that they shed a lot.

I naively believed that because I did research before owning my first dog, that others did the same thing. Boy was that a reality check. I had someone once tell me that, the reason why huskies could stand the cold, was not because of their double coated fur, but because they had anti-freeze in their veins.

I asked that individual for evidence to back up their claim. They never did give me the source. But I thought surly if one wanted to have a husky or any other double coated breed, that they were okay with the amount of shedding. Boy was I wrong again.

There is a misconception that by shaving your double coated breed, that there will be less hair in the home, and that they will not be hot in the summer. I hate to say this, but, there will always be dog hair. Sure your Rottweilers will not leave as much hair as your husky, but all dogs shed, just like us. The second layer of their coat protects them from the elements, so by shaving their fur, you are encouraging them to be harmed by the sun’s rays.

So, I beg you, please do your research before getting any pet. Animals are a commitment and to some people, they are family.