Children And Pets

Throughout my pregnancy, I had so many people tell me that I had to get rid of my pets because I was about to have a baby.

And yes – it is true- I don’t have as much time to devote to my pets as I used to, but that does not mean that they are not taken care of or being deprived attention.

I would like to dive in a little deeper as to why society thinks that you have to give up your fur babies because you are about to become a family of three.

  1. Ignorance. I don’t have any statics, but I’d wager that the average person isn’t taking their dog in for training or exercising them properly. So it is ignorance in that people believe that the dog will act out or attack the baby. I get it! These are valid concerns, but if a dog is trained, these situations can be prevented.
  2. They don’t view pets as members of the family. The trust is that not everyone views your four-legged or two-legged in the same regard as you do. For some, pets are accessories or assets that can be changed out at whim or given away when they become less appealing and more financially exhausting.
  3. It happened to them. Maybe they grew up in an environment where their parents didn’t work with the family pet and they were destructive or were always escaping. Somewhere down the line, there was some type of trauma, and animals to them are just another headache – which they can be, but so can our children.

The way I look at is that my pets are helping to shape my son into the great man that he will become. Animals are work, so our children can learn responsibility from having to take care of them. Boundaries are another huge skill that our children and some of us can learn from animals. Most pets do not attack just cause, there is usually some type of warning beforehand – everyone has something that makes them tick. From an early age, I am teaching my son to not pull or throw toys at just not us ( his parents) but also his pets. Commitment, dedication, and discipline are all traits that we look for in ourselves and in others.

What if I told you that your pet can help instill those traits.

It’s easy to just give your older dog to a shelter – out of sight out of mind- but it takes commitment and dedication to that dog to stick with them until the very end. This helps to show your child that you do not give up just because life is getting hard – there are obvious situations where you do need to throw in the towel, but that typically comes after you have exhausted all other options.

So my plea to you, is that you reconsider re-homing your pet because of the new addition in your life or future addition. Exhaust all of your options – training your dog will help you to have more patience, and hopefully your child will grow up and have so many examples of what responsibility, commitment, and dedication looks like.

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Coronoavirus: The Prayer

Hopefully this will be the last time that I discuss the Coronavirus on my blog. Not to say that I don’t think it is important to be in the known and take the necessary precautions, but that I am deliberately choosing to spread hope and not fear. So, today, I ask that you all join me in prayer, and remember that all you need is faith the size of a mustard seed.

Father God,

We come to You today asking for Your favor, God. Lord, we thank You for all that You have done for us, and all that You continue to do for us. How blessed are we to have You as our protector and provider. We see that people are being let go left and right, we see that the elderly are being attacked by this plague, we see it all Lord, but we have faith in You. We have faith in Your vision, and we aren’t afraid Lord, for You told us to cast all of our worries unto You. You told us to not worry about tomorrow, and that the spirit of fear is not of You, but a tactic of the enemy. We stand in agreement with You that everything will work itself out, Lord, because we have You going before each and everyone of us. We root ourselves in Psalms 91 Lord during this time, let no plague come near our homes. We pray for those that are out on the front lines, risking their health to care for others. We pray for the elderly and those that have compromised immune systems. We ask that You be with them Lord. Father God, we thank You in advance for what You are about to do for this nation.

In Jesus name


Let me know if you guys would like for me to post more prayers. I’ve revamped my devotional for bereaved families and I’ve decided to make it free for everyone. You can click here for your free download.

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Quick Question About Pregnancy And Work Place Safety

Hey guys,

I’m currently working on putting together a PowerPoint for work about how we can make the environment safer for our pregnant employees. I was just curious if you could comment down below or send me an email at about some of the challenges you faced working while pregnant.

I’ve just been amazed at the number of people that I have talked to, that don’t even have a space where they can pump at work. So please comment or send me an email. The only way we can make improvements is if we speak up.

Loss and Rainbows

Before losing my son, I always thought of rainbows as a beautiful event after a storm. I thought they were pretty to look at, and as a child, I thought that there was treasure found at the end.

In the loss community, rainbows take on a more significant meaning than just colors on a spectrum. A child born after loss is considered a rainbow. After going through the storm of miscarriage, stillbirth, or death, a rainbow appears to signal a change.

In the Bible, Genesis 9:14 states, “ When I bring clouds over the earth and the bow is seen in the clouds. I will remember my covenant that is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh.”

When I decided to fully turn myself to Christ and worship him despite my loss, the Lord saw fit to bless me. He blessed me with a child that we consider a rainbow. He made a convenant with me the day that I truly sought him out.

Some of you are still going through a storm, but I urge you to seek Him. As long as you keep His commandments and praise Him, He will bless you. I can not tell you when or how, but know this, there is a rainbow after every storm.

Gotta Have Faith

If you would have told me last year that I would be at peace and not miserable, that I would actually have a child in my arms, I would have scoffed.

Can I be transparent?

I would have been indifferent if you told me that I would come to worship the Lord in the manner that I do. I believed in Him sure, but I did not worship Him.

I did not have faith.

I grew up Christian and I can remember wondering how God could be so great, and yet, my family was always in some type of struggle. I could remember wondering why were we so poor or dysfunctional.

It was not until I began to actively seek Him that I started to understand that some of trials that we face are to build us up. See, we learn more effectively when we go through something, not when it’s easy.

Raising a rainbow baby is a trial in itself. I hold on tighter to him because I know what it is like to not see life in your child. I appreciate more. I no longer put money on a pedestal, I no longer want to work, work, work. It took me losing my child for me to realize what was truly important.

I was angry with God initially, but I began to read His word, and I read books on how to hear from Him. When I finally surrendered to Him, I had peace. Now on Troy’s date, my family does not mourn him. We do not sit around and be moody, we do not plan to be sad or depressed on his day. No, we plan vacations to be together as a family, to uplift one another, and to appreciate one another.

So, no matter what you are going through, Seek God, have faith, and be amazed.

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