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Quick Question About Pregnancy And Work Place Safety

Hey guys, I’m currently working on putting together a PowerPoint for work about how we can make the environment safer for our pregnant employees. I was just curious if you could comment down below or send me an email at about some of the challenges you faced working while pregnant. I’ve just been amazed

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Loss and Rainbows

Before losing my son, I always thought of rainbows as a beautiful event after a storm. I thought they were pretty to look at, and as a child, I thought that there was treasure found at the end. In the loss community, rainbows take on a more significant meaning than just colors on a spectrum.

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Gotta Have Faith

If you would have told me last year that I would be at peace and not miserable, that I would actually have a child in my arms, I would have scoffed. Can I be transparent? I would have been indifferent if you told me that I would come to worship the Lord in the manner

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