Fridays = Family Day

For some, Friday represents the last day of work before the weekend begins. They visualize all of the activities that they will accomplish on Saturday, and the amount of sleep they will get on Sunday. For me, Friday is not significant because of work. Friday is important to me because it is the one day that I have to spend all day with my family. It is the one day that I am guaranteed to be with my son all day.

I work in the animal industry, and animals like people, need to eat every single day. So, I have weekends in which I am required to work because someone has to take care of them. So for me, Fridays are dedicated to spending time with my husband and my son. We have a routine where we go grocery shopping together, we may hit the half- priced bookstore, or we may just watch a movie together.

Today, I want you to reflect on how you spend time with your family. Do you just overload your weekend with errands or sleep in away? Not that there is anything wrong with wanting to decompress after a long week, but I challenge you to choose one day out of the month that is dedicated to spending time with family.