Quick Updates

Hey guys!

So, I’m thinking for the month of December, I will start reading The Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer. This isn’t what you would normally think of as a self-improvement book, but I think we need to go into this new decade with our armor equipped at all times. I’ll make a post on Fridays discussing the study, and how I am implementing it into my life. Hopefully some of you will be able to do the same, and we can get some conversation going.

Second update I am going to be posting at least once a week on Fridays. Fridays are my only guaranteed day off, and your girl is about to work three weekends in a row. Which actually leads me into the third update…

We put in an offer on another home! We find out tomorrow if they are going to go with our offer or someone else’s. We would definitely love to be in a home sooner than later. Baldwin, our 80lb husky, can no longer go up the stairs at our apartment, so a backyard would be a huge relief for him and us.

No call to actions today, just wanted to share with you guys some of things going on.

Adventures In House Hunting

Yesterday, Ben and I spent the evening looking at three homes. The first home had this grand entrance with a huge fireplace. It had all update appliances and another fireplace in the living room. The house had all these shiny new things to mask how the house was in bad shape. The foundation was not good, one of the walls was tilting, and the backyard was non-existent.

The second house was perfect. It had all hardwood floors and a fenced in backyard. The appliances were all updated and included in the sale. This house had every thing that we were looking for, so we put in an offer.

We went ahead and still looked at the third house. Um, we both had an uneasy feeling about the home. Ben didn’t even go into the bedrooms because of how he was feeling. It did have a very large backyard, but when you ask God for the gift of discernment, you had better listen.

Sadly we didn’t get the home that we put a bid in for. The sellers had six other offers and they went for the higher bid. I’m a little sad about it, but I know that God closed that door for a reason.