Popularity Of The Siberian Husky

Being a husky owner for a decade now, I’m honestly not pleased with their sudden popularity.


Because people are not taking the time to do their research about the breed. All anyone sees is the striking eyes and what they do in movies.

I currently have two at the moment, and they are extremely opinionated. Loki has chewed a small hole in the couch. We have to put the water bowl up at night because Baldwin is old and will have accidents in the night if we don’t.

I wouldn’t change any of it though because I’ve done my research and knew what I was getting into. Huskies shed, they need to burn energy, and can be extremely vocal. I also have nine month old baby that is very mobile at the moment. Silas thinks the dogs are hilarious and wants to be around them constantly.

I see too many stories about people giving you their pets because they had a child or because the dog reacted in a less than appealing manner. If huskies don’t burn their energy, then it comes out in other ways. If you don’t work with your pet, then they could become food aggressive, toy possessive, etc.

Reading books about the breed, talking to people that have huskies, or doing a google search would help with our shelter crisis. I say this because people would be more informed and would hopefully be more likely to keep their dog despite starting a family or because the dog sheds more than they envisioned.

Now, for me, I’ve never entertained the notion of getting rid of my pets because of my child. I believe that education is key to a lot of situations. I have worked with my dogs; however, I would never leave Silas alone with them. At the end of the day, my pets can’t vocalize if they are having a bad day or if something is hurting them.

You really just never know.

I kinda ranted this whole post, but I hope you walk away from this understanding how important it is to educate yourself. Don’t get caught up in the hype of a breed because of a tv show or a movie. Do your due diligence before making any hasty decisions.

Shaving Siberian Huskies

Growing up, I always knew that I wanted to have a Siberian Husky, so I made sure that I researched extensively. I knew that they were escape artists and that they were so smart. I knew that they were beautiful dogs that came in a variety of colors, and that they shed a lot.

I naively believed that because I did research before owning my first dog, that others did the same thing. Boy was that a reality check. I had someone once tell me that, the reason why huskies could stand the cold, was not because of their double coated fur, but because they had anti-freeze in their veins.

I asked that individual for evidence to back up their claim. They never did give me the source. But I thought surly if one wanted to have a husky or any other double coated breed, that they were okay with the amount of shedding. Boy was I wrong again.

There is a misconception that by shaving your double coated breed, that there will be less hair in the home, and that they will not be hot in the summer. I hate to say this, but, there will always be dog hair. Sure your Rottweilers will not leave as much hair as your husky, but all dogs shed, just like us. The second layer of their coat protects them from the elements, so by shaving their fur, you are encouraging them to be harmed by the sun’s rays.

So, I beg you, please do your research before getting any pet. Animals are a commitment and to some people, they are family.