Quick Question About Pregnancy And Work Place Safety

Hey guys,

I’m currently working on putting together a PowerPoint for work about how we can make the environment safer for our pregnant employees. I was just curious if you could comment down below or send me an email at thelifeoftroysmama@gmail.com about some of the challenges you faced working while pregnant.

I’ve just been amazed at the number of people that I have talked to, that don’t even have a space where they can pump at work. So please comment or send me an email. The only way we can make improvements is if we speak up.

Gotta Have Faith

If you would have told me last year that I would be at peace and not miserable, that I would actually have a child in my arms, I would have scoffed.

Can I be transparent?

I would have been indifferent if you told me that I would come to worship the Lord in the manner that I do. I believed in Him sure, but I did not worship Him.

I did not have faith.

I grew up Christian and I can remember wondering how God could be so great, and yet, my family was always in some type of struggle. I could remember wondering why were we so poor or dysfunctional.

It was not until I began to actively seek Him that I started to understand that some of trials that we face are to build us up. See, we learn more effectively when we go through something, not when it’s easy.

Raising a rainbow baby is a trial in itself. I hold on tighter to him because I know what it is like to not see life in your child. I appreciate more. I no longer put money on a pedestal, I no longer want to work, work, work. It took me losing my child for me to realize what was truly important.

I was angry with God initially, but I began to read His word, and I read books on how to hear from Him. When I finally surrendered to Him, I had peace. Now on Troy’s date, my family does not mourn him. We do not sit around and be moody, we do not plan to be sad or depressed on his day. No, we plan vacations to be together as a family, to uplift one another, and to appreciate one another.

So, no matter what you are going through, Seek God, have faith, and be amazed.

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Stillbirth and Christ

As you all know from my previous posts, that I lost my firstborn, Troy, in 2018. During that time I grew closer to our Lord God as I had no one, other than my husband, to lean on. I lost friends that could not wrap their minds around the fact that I needed time to cope, I had family members not even want me to bring up my son’s name. My ‘support’ system had seemed to go away when I lost my son and it made me appreciate those that were there for me, even more.

During my grief process, I tried working out, I was admittedly obsessed with getting pregnant once more, and more importantly I began to talk to God more. About five months after Troy’s death, my husband and I conceived Silas.

The Lord blessed us and we welcomed Silas this year. I was nervous during my pregnancy with him since we did not know why we lost Troy, but I did not turn away from God. Instead, I prayed every day and I did feel some peace in that because I heard Him say that I would get to raise this child here on Earth.

But during my time of grieving and carrying Silas, I noticed that a lot of other loss moms were turning away from the Lord. They were all so angry and instead of leaning on Him, they abandoned their faith.

Because of all of this, I decided to write a seven day devotional, Stillbirth and Christ. I want others to turn towards the Lord and receive Him like I did. I want others to heal and to know that He is with them in their pain. I do not know why some of us have to go through this, all I know is that I want to celebrate Troy’s memory by helping others.

You can find Stillbirth and Christ on Amazon exclusively. This book will be free for download Monday, September 16th, to Tuesday, September 17th. I am offering this for free for those that may not have the money and need this word.

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Trusting In The Lord After A Still-birth

About a year ago, I started this blog because I had lost my firstborn and I had also lost some friendships. I wanted an outlet and my intentions at the time were to also find others that just wanted someone to listen to them. I did not stick to my original goal of updating weekly and so forth. Not because I forgot about my blog, but because I was busy praying to God for another chance.

When I lost Troy, there were days that I did not know how I was going to be able to keep moving forward. I had essentially lost my faith in the Lord. I just did not understand why the Lord would take my child away from me and allow others, who in my grief-stricken mind, did not deserve their gifts from God. Obviously, this was a terrible way of thinking, and somehow, I found myself praying to the Lord more.

I was always lukewarm in my relationship with Christ. I suppose I didn’t put much stock into His words. But one day, I prayed to the Lord to please bless me with a healthy baby and to allow me to raise this one. I fasted from coffee between 6 am and 6 pm and I made a covenant with the Lord that if he allowed me this gift that I would start tithing.  It was the month of July when I heard the Lord whisper to me that I was indeed with child, five months after losing Troy. I was honestly skeptical because again my relationship had always been lukewarm and the trust in Him was not there.

When the pregnancy test turned positive, I was filled with a mix of emotions. I was happy, scared, but oh so grateful that He listened to my prayers. I spent the rest of 2018 and beginning of this year praying to the Lord constantly that I would be able to raise this child. I made the conscious decision to take it easy during my pregnancy with Silas. I changed my work hours so that I would always have a day off, I got a doctor’s note to ensure that I would have breaks, and I no longer had the stress from toxic friendships.

Last summer, I did not understand why I had to lose my Troy and why my friendships ended the way that they did. But now looking back, I see that I had to go through those things to become the mother that Silas needed. I needed something severe to occur for me to learn how to put family before work and to actually learn how to relax. I needed to get rid of toxic friendships. If I had turn to the Lord first, things may have turned out differently. In the end I will always be Troy’s mother and I like to think that he helped pick out his little brother, Silas, from heaven.

I am no longer lukewarm in my relationship with the Lord and I understand now what it means to trust in Him.

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