Distraction Is The Enemy’s Greatest Attack

How many of you have set your mind to do a task, only to be pulled in another direction? Or maybe you were going to work on that paper, or clean those dishes, but the cat video seemed much more appealing. Distraction, procrastination, or whatever else you want to call it, is a common trick that the enemy uses.

I’ll use this week for example. The goal was to have some posts written and scheduled out for at least this week. That clearly has not happened because my focus has been pulled elsewhere. I have noticed that whenever I am on the cusp of something, something that will better my life and others, I get distracted.

Work life and personal dramas can cause us to neglect our goals or tasks. You see, the enemy doesn’t want us to be successful. He wants us to stay where we are, never growing, never advancing.

Starting today, I want you to write out one task that you will accomplish for each day. Just start off with one, and then see how you feel after pushing through the distractions. You should feel less stressed and joyful because you have one less thing on your plate. Be mindful that you may see an increase in distractions arise. The enemy has plans to harm us and does not want us to be prosperous.

The Enemy Is Not Against Using Family To Stop You

I have noticed a recurring tactic that the enemy has been employing. He has been attempting to stop me from tithing or sowing a seed by using self-doubt from my family. Late August, a couple days before my car accident, I was reflecting on how I have two infant car seats, but we only use one. It was a random thought that was not prompted by anything. The next morning, I got on Facebook and saw a post from an old coworker. They were asking if anyone had a free car seat, and that the person they were inquiring for was scheduled to be induced in a couple of days. Instantly, I knew that God wanted me to sow this seed, so I got in contact with the lady, and offered to bring the car seat up to the hospital.

On my way to take the car seat to her, my mom called to ask how work was. I explained to my mom how God led me to this lady in need, and instead of being happy that I was blessing another, my mother got very angry with me. My mother ranted about how she wouldn’t have a car seat now to pick up Silas and that she needed it, not this lady who was obviously in a financial situation. As I’m listening to her yell at me, I couldn’t help but think that it was the enemy trying to stop me from blessing someone. Instead of yelling back or hanging up, I calmly explained to my mother that she could use the car seat I was keeping. I also explained that Silas would be needing a convertible car seat sometime soon, so she would still have to use the car seat I had. And, I explained that if God is leading me sow a seed then I am going to do it.

Today, the devil tried once more to use family to stop me from doing God’s work. While on break, I decided to call my mother to check up on her and learned that she was on her way to church. During the conversation, she made jabs about her old church home, which prompted me to state how I didn’t mind churches having atm machines. I can’t help it, I like convenience, and having a one stop appeals to me. Because I’m in the process of finding a church home, I listen to podcasts and float around. She asked me then how do I pay my tithes. I responded that, I pay into the podcasts that I listen to, (Joyce Meyer, T.D Jakes, and Elevation church). And, whatever that is left over from the overall 10% , I give to church that I am listening to. She then informed that my way of tithing was wrong, and that I should only give to my church home.

If you are getting a message from a platform, you should support it in some kind of way. That is just my thinking. But, what her response told me is that she isn’t tithing. She isn’t tithing because she believes that you should only give it to your church home. The church home that she refuses to go back to. She told me not to go broke paying tithes and that God doesn’t want you to go broke doing such. You see, the enemy tried a different approach this time. The devil tried having my mom speak softly and tried having her appeal to the ‘logical’ side. Here’s the thing, when God said give me 10%, He did not stutter.

Because of some emergencies that have occurred this past month, I haven’t been as financially plentiful; however I still paid my tithes. I didn’t look at my back account and tell God that I didn’t have it. No, I paid what was owed to Him, and if you read my previous post, then you know that God blessed me. He gave me back more than what I gave Him.

This week, pay attention to how the enemy will use your family or friends to deter you.

Testimony Thursday

August 28th, I was in first car accident. It was around 9 pm when I was travelling home from working the late shift. I had my phone on speaker, so that I could listen in on a master class. I have a 40 minute commute to and from work. I had everything set up before I even drove off of campus, because a distracted driver is a dangerous driver.

The master class had just begun as I was merging into the far right lane. I stayed back a bit in case the semi that was in the southbound lane needed to go northbound instead. After a minute, it seemed as though the semi was truly going southbound, so I felt comfortable speeding up. I was almost up the ramp, when the semi changed its mind, and merged into my lane.

I was terrified, but so thankful to God that my son was not in the car, and that I was not hurt. My car was deemed a total loss by insurance, and while I had gap insurance, my car had previous damage to it, so gap informed me that they would not be covering the difference.

I was distraught.

Not only was I shaken up by the ordeal, but I now had to get a new vehicle with no money to put down. I also still owed money on my old car. I could dwell and dwell on this, so instead I made the conscious decision to take my problems to the Lord. My circumstances were telling me that I was in a worst position than before. The enemy was trying to stop me from getting the message from the master class. The enemy took my car, but my cousin had a spare that I was able to use. I stayed prayed up, and God blessed me with a better and safer car for my family. God allowed me to get a much better deal on the car loan than my previous one. God pushed me to sign up for the program that resulted from the master class, and I’m already seeing results. I put in some more hours at work to cover what was left to pay on my old loan, and to my surprise, God blessed me again.

I received a letter from the car loan company telling me that my account was closed and paid in full. Hallelujah! I thanked God because I knew it was by His will. This was all a couple of weeks ago, so I had thought that the previous car loan was done. This morning when I checked my mail, I had a note from the loan company. One letter was telling me that my account was paid in full, And that they owed me money! The second letter was a check from them. I began to weep as I was reading the letter because it was so unexpected, and I am just so grateful for our Provider.

Today, I urge all of you to stop and give thanks to Him. He takes care of all of our needs, and makes sure that we are not without.

I just wanted to share with you all, that staying steadfast in your faith, is the greatest peace of all.

Prayer For The Bereaved Parent

My sibling in Christ, I wish I could bring you in closer, and tell you that everything will be okay. I know right now that you are not ready to hear that. How can everything be okay if you just lost your baby? How is everything going to be okay when moving on seems like a betrayal? I know to an extent of how you are feeling, for I too have lost. My firstborn, Troy, was born still at 26 weeks. We had just put together his crib when we learned that he went back home. So, I do know of the pain, but every grief is unique, so I will not say that I know exactly how you feel.

It won’t happen tomorrow or even next month, but eventually the grief will begin to lift little by little. You won’t feel like every moment is suffocating. You won’t feel like giving up. Most importantly you won’t blame yourself.

Today, I ask You, Lord, to take some of the pain away. I ask You to help lift their burdens. I pray that they will turn towards You, Lord, and that they will find comfort in Your embrace. I pray that they will find ways to honor their precious babies, and that they will not dwell in their grief. I truly believe that all of our children would want us to be happy and celebrate them. So, Lord, I ask that You will be with them today as they navigate the day.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month Does Not Have To Be Sad

October is national pregnancy and infant loss awareness month. If you have been following this blog, then you know that in February of 2018, my son Troy was stillborn. My husband and I do not know why we lost him and unfortunately, that is the case for a lot of infant deaths. At the beginning of my grief, I blamed myself because I carried him, and my body failed him. It took a lot for me to not blame myself, work, or God.

Yes, God. I was very angry with Him because I did not understand why He would allow something like this to happen to my family. Why would He allow a child that was so loved to die without any cause? Once I admitted out loud to Him just how angry I was, I suddenly began to heal. I began reading my Bible more, trying to understand more about this God that I was taught to believe in. I realized that He was grieving with me and that He too knew the pain of losing a child.

I look at Silas sometimes and wonder if Troy would have been as happy and boisterous as him. I do not dwell on these thoughts for long, and instead, I tell myself how lucky Silas is to have an older brother that is always watching over him.

In honor of Troy, I will not be spending this month sad. I will instead make the conscious decision to uplift others in his name, serve others, and give thanks. You can choose to dwell in your remorse if that is your desire, but as for myself and my family, we are choosing to bless others and to show one another how much we love and appreciate each other.

If you do not want to honor your child’s memory with sadness, then join me in uplifting others. Send a loved one a simple text message about how grateful you are for them. Volunteer in your community or spend the afternoon going on a family hike. Whatever it is that you choose to do, do so in a way that you feel your child would love. And if it is okay with you, I would like to pray for you.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Please watch over your children Lord. This is a difficult month for many Lord, and I just ask that You help to relieve them of some of their pain. Lord, I ask that You watch over those rainbow babies and I ask that You bless those that are scared to try again. Lord, I declare that this month will be one of healing and not one of sadness. I declare that these precious mamas will know that it is okay to celebrate their angel baby. That while they may not have had the opportunity to raise them here on earth, they will be with them again. That no matter what some may say, that they are parents, and no one can take that away from them.
In Jesus’ name, Amen.

If you would like to support me, I wrote a seven day devotional specifically for us loss mamas. I know for me reading loss books and joining Facebook groups, helped me in my journey of healing.