Good Morning!

Hey guys,

Sunday was Troy’s second birthday and I am happy to report that I didn’t cry not once. We ultimately decided to stay at home instead of going out to the children’s museum because the grandparents have a pass that would allow us to go for free, and why spend $50 if you don’t have to.

We were going to get cupcakes, but Gigi’s is closed on Sunday, so our motivation to go out stopped there. Instead we decided to honor God and honor Troy’s memory by being grateful. We focused on cleaning the house that God provided for us, and we focused on spending time together as a family.

How was your weekend?

Why Its Best To Spend Time With God First Thing

Being a working mom, I have to manage my time effectively. I know that I will be at my job for about ten hours/ four days a week( not counting weekend work). I know that my son likes to go to bed around eight or nine p.m, maybe even earlier if he had a big day. I also know that there is cleaning and working on blog posts, podcast episodes, and so forth that needs to get done.

I know that I am not alone in all of this. Call me crazy, but I have found that I need to wake up at 4 a.m for my own sanity. The times where I have put off talking to God until it was time for bed, were misery. I was grumpy, little things got to me, and I just felt on edge. The worst part is that by waiting until evening, I wasn’t giving God all of me.

For my own sanity, and to keep my relationship with God strong, I have to spend time with him in the morning. I need to talk to Him before I walk out of my home, and interact with the outside world. If I wait until evening then I’m liable to be so tired from work and too busy with trying to keep Silas entertained.

I want you to take this time out and reflect on how your day is going. Did you talk to God today? If the answer is no, then I want you to try talking to Him first thing tomorrow. It can be a two minute prayer or an hour prayer. What matters is that you seek Him first thing, and then reflect on how your day went. You shouldn’t be so quick to anger, and the little things will just roll off your shoulders.

The Enemy Is Not Against Using Family To Stop You

I have noticed a recurring tactic that the enemy has been employing. He has been attempting to stop me from tithing or sowing a seed by using self-doubt from my family. Late August, a couple days before my car accident, I was reflecting on how I have two infant car seats, but we only use one. It was a random thought that was not prompted by anything. The next morning, I got on Facebook and saw a post from an old coworker. They were asking if anyone had a free car seat, and that the person they were inquiring for was scheduled to be induced in a couple of days. Instantly, I knew that God wanted me to sow this seed, so I got in contact with the lady, and offered to bring the car seat up to the hospital.

On my way to take the car seat to her, my mom called to ask how work was. I explained to my mom how God led me to this lady in need, and instead of being happy that I was blessing another, my mother got very angry with me. My mother ranted about how she wouldn’t have a car seat now to pick up Silas and that she needed it, not this lady who was obviously in a financial situation. As I’m listening to her yell at me, I couldn’t help but think that it was the enemy trying to stop me from blessing someone. Instead of yelling back or hanging up, I calmly explained to my mother that she could use the car seat I was keeping. I also explained that Silas would be needing a convertible car seat sometime soon, so she would still have to use the car seat I had. And, I explained that if God is leading me sow a seed then I am going to do it.

Today, the devil tried once more to use family to stop me from doing God’s work. While on break, I decided to call my mother to check up on her and learned that she was on her way to church. During the conversation, she made jabs about her old church home, which prompted me to state how I didn’t mind churches having atm machines. I can’t help it, I like convenience, and having a one stop appeals to me. Because I’m in the process of finding a church home, I listen to podcasts and float around. She asked me then how do I pay my tithes. I responded that, I pay into the podcasts that I listen to, (Joyce Meyer, T.D Jakes, and Elevation church). And, whatever that is left over from the overall 10% , I give to church that I am listening to. She then informed that my way of tithing was wrong, and that I should only give to my church home.

If you are getting a message from a platform, you should support it in some kind of way. That is just my thinking. But, what her response told me is that she isn’t tithing. She isn’t tithing because she believes that you should only give it to your church home. The church home that she refuses to go back to. She told me not to go broke paying tithes and that God doesn’t want you to go broke doing such. You see, the enemy tried a different approach this time. The devil tried having my mom speak softly and tried having her appeal to the ‘logical’ side. Here’s the thing, when God said give me 10%, He did not stutter.

Because of some emergencies that have occurred this past month, I haven’t been as financially plentiful; however I still paid my tithes. I didn’t look at my back account and tell God that I didn’t have it. No, I paid what was owed to Him, and if you read my previous post, then you know that God blessed me. He gave me back more than what I gave Him.

This week, pay attention to how the enemy will use your family or friends to deter you.

Loss and Rainbows

Before losing my son, I always thought of rainbows as a beautiful event after a storm. I thought they were pretty to look at, and as a child, I thought that there was treasure found at the end.

In the loss community, rainbows take on a more significant meaning than just colors on a spectrum. A child born after loss is considered a rainbow. After going through the storm of miscarriage, stillbirth, or death, a rainbow appears to signal a change.

In the Bible, Genesis 9:14 states, “ When I bring clouds over the earth and the bow is seen in the clouds. I will remember my covenant that is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh.”

When I decided to fully turn myself to Christ and worship him despite my loss, the Lord saw fit to bless me. He blessed me with a child that we consider a rainbow. He made a convenant with me the day that I truly sought him out.

Some of you are still going through a storm, but I urge you to seek Him. As long as you keep His commandments and praise Him, He will bless you. I can not tell you when or how, but know this, there is a rainbow after every storm.


You version Bible

When you woke up today, were you grateful?

Or, were you just already in a grumpy mood?

See, every morning, no matter how I feel when I awake, I pray.

I pray before I leave the house. Why? Because I must put on the armor of God, of the Holy Spirit, before I walk out into the world.

We can not stop how someone else is feeling or how they may react, but we can get up each morning and pray that the Lord is with us. We can get up each morning and give him thanks for all of the little things that he does for us.

Back in August, I was involved in my first accident. A semi merged into my lane, they did not look to see that I had been in that lane for quite some time, nor did they actually have the ‘right’ to merge. My car was deemed a total loss, but Me? I walked away from it with no injuries. Some would say that I was lucky, I say that I am blessed and anointed.

So, before you leave out today, give thanks and praise to our Lord. Thank Him for allowing you to get up, thank Him for the roof over your head, and thank Him for how all of your needs are met.