Scheduling Is A Skill

This title ties into managing your time. It’s pretty much the same concept, but I felt like it needed to be spoken upon once more.

I think it’s much easier to schedule your own time than to schedule someone else’s. Why? Because you should have some idea of how long it takes you to complete a task. You can refer back to my post on managing your time here if needed. What you might not know, is how long it takes someone else to complete a task. Scheduling is a skill that so many are lacking.

My advice, reach out and ask the person how long it takes them to complete the tasks. Actually listen to their feedback. We’re all human, and we all make mistakes, so someone else might see the inefficiency in your scheduling. So many resources are wasted due the lack of scheduling appropriately, so I have listed some tips below to help you excel in this skill.

  1. Try the task yourself. When you have an understanding of how long a task should take, it makes it easier to schedule another person to do it. You have an understanding of the requirements and an understanding if the task is best suited for one person or two.
  2. Know who you are scheduling. Now, this may not always work in a large company, but having some knowledge on who are scheduling helps a ton. For example, if you Susan is extremely detail oriented and has a love for numbers, I wouldn’t recommend putting her on errand duty; whereas, Steve is a little sloppy and likes to move at a fast pace. I wouldn’t put Steve on reconciling the books.
  3. Ask for feedback. You don’t have to go up to each person and ask them directly for feedback. In your email, you can just ask that each person looks at their schedule, and reach out to you if changes need to be made. I have had to do this because of overbooking. This also allows you to have a record of changes that need to be made that you can go back on versus vocal communication.

Let me know down in the comments if you have any tips for scheduling.

Managing Time Vs Time Management

According to dictionary. com, time management is defined as the ability to use one’s time effectively or productively, especially at work. Time management is a skill that many hope to achieve as it allows you to get more accomplished in the day. I feel confident in saying that I have excellent time management skills when I’m at work. I can’t boast the same for my personal life.

Like so many others, I would silently berate myself for not being better with my time. It wasn’t until Sunday’s church service, that it all started to make more sense to me. When you flip words around, they tend to take on a different meaning. On the surface level, managing time and time management seem to mean the same thing. Both seem to have to deal with prioritizing something.

Instead of telling someone or yourself to improve your time management skills, instead tell them/ yourself to management their/your time more effectively. You see, when say time management, time is managing you; whereas managing time is when you are in charge.

Following up from my last post, I want you to create a to do list each night. Do not go to bed not knowing your goals for next day. I also want you to start timing yourself. How long does a task take you to complete? And then add up the times. I truly believe this will help you to start managing your time better, and not allowing time to manage you.

P.S. Make sure your tuning into the podcast, Parenting After Loss. 🙂


I chose not to make any New Year’s resolutions because I never kept them. Instead, I chose to make realistic intentions. This year I am going to be intentional about my consistency and my time management.

‘Winging it’ is no longer going to work for me if I wish to build a tribe and help other women navigate child loss. If I didn’t have other responsibilities, sure, I could probably get away with it, but that’s not my reality.

Fridays, when I have my guaranteed day off from work, I am spending majority of my morning playing with Silas. In fact, this past weekend, he only took one nap, so we had a lot of play time.

My time management will improve by planning out what items I am going to work on each day. I recently purchased a white board to write down the agenda for the day. Which is basically, what items are we going to get done around the house. This allows me to communicate more effectively with my husband about what I need help with, and it makes us more of a team. It’s also a nice reminder for both of us because we are more forgetful now that we have Silas. I feel like I still have pregnancy brain.

Another thing that I did differently, is I participated in a group fast last week. Turning the tv off for a week has been life changing for me. I didn’t realize how much time I was wasting by watching netflix or reality shows. I feel more engaged in my home life and its more peaceful to just have silence. Silas and I also spend a lot more time in his room playing with all the toys he got for Christmas.

2019, was actually a big year for me. I had Silas, had to navigate this whole parenting thing, and my husband and I purchased our first home. This year, I hope for it to be another big year in terms of success. I hope to grow closer to God because I feel as though there is always improvement in that area.

Most importantly, being an eye glass wearer, I am expecting some great deals on eye wear. There better be so ’20/20′ deals this year.